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Jeff's Latest Book

The Mercenary

"The Mercenary is one of the most important books about America’s longest war. It is a story of two individuals from two different continents brought together by war, and their courage, absolute commitment, and sacrifices for each other will make you laugh, cry, rage, break your heart, then make you laugh again and again until you are healed. It reads like an immersive thriller, but it is more compelling because the events are true and riveting. Mr. Stern has managed to show how the levers of power in Afghanistan devastate ordinary Afghans who try to make a living. The Mercenary is a must-read." ―Qais Akbar Omar, author of A Fort of Nine Towers


The Last thousand

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"An extremely well-written and sensitive history of a small group of people, the author included, trying to affect discrete and measurable educational progress amid incredible obstacles." — Dave Eggers

Co-authored Books

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“The book is a real-life thriller and, even though the reader knows how the story will end, it is a fast-paced and compelling read. Stern, the primary author, undertook significant background research and this informs the text and gives this book more depth than many similar volumes.”  The Christian Science Monitor

The 15:17 to Paris

BAck in the game

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"This is a heart-pounding moment by moment account of what happened on the baseball diamond and a much deeper examination of who we are as Americans and what we must do to tone down the hateful rhetoric in today's political conversations." ― Newsmax

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